Silence Day Special Announcement

Much love to all! Please forward this information to anyone who might be interested…

With less than a month to go before Silence Day, planning is already in full swing! Here are all the ways to participate ~

1. Silence Day Personalized Quote

Jeff Wolverton has a collection of 650 excellent Baba quotes that I have decorated with original artwork (designed for you to color, if so moved!) Everyone listed in the Community Directory will get one randomly selected quote via email.  NOTE if you have gotten personalized quotes before, I am not using the entire mailing list this time (the entire list is too long; we run into problems). We are only sending to those actually listed in the Directory!
Sign up for the directory by July 5 to receive a quote especially “chosen” for you!

2. Quote Sharing Meeting with Jeff Wolverton

Friday July 9, 3pm EDT (noon PDT, 12.30am+1 India, 8pm London, 9am Hawaii)
You will have gotten your own quote via email! Please bring it to share with all of us (or bring one of your own choosing), or just come to listen. For those already keeping silence, you can also type your quote into chat and the host will read it out loud for you! Hosted by Jeff Wolverton and Cassandra Bramucci. This meeting will be recorded and re-played as part of our Silence Day Sahavas the next day. For login info, please see and click on “events.”

3. Meheram7’s Silence Day Program

Baba lovers from all over the world were invited to participate in Meheram7’s Beloved Avatar Meher Baba’s Silence Day Virtual Program by submitting never-before published offerings in the form of Bhajan, Song, Qawwali, Ghazal, Dance, Presentation, Poetry, or Instrumental. A portion of this program will be played as one of our offerings for the Baba Zoom Silence Day Sahavas! Almost 100 submissions have been received… it will be a feast!

4. Silence Day Sahavas

Last year this event was very powerful and well received. We will have an entire day of Baba-related videos, played into Zoom! We will still be able to communicate via chat within Zoom… so we can enjoy each other’s company, without breaking our silence. As with all Baba Zoom events, come and go freely!

Below times are in EDT and approximated:

7:30 AMMeditation on the Seven Realities, led by Roshani Shenazz
9:00 AMArti (recited silently to a prerecorded video)
9.15Baba Bolero (photos of Baba)
9:30Shireen Mai – a Zoom play
11.45Meheram7 Silence Day Virtual Program
2Silence Day quotes from July 9 (w Jeff)
4:20Kaikushru Masa (a new documentary)
5The Greatest of my Sufferings (Heartland Center video)
6Beyond Words (by Louis van Gasteren)
6:40Late Night Chat with Irwin Luck
8:30You Alone Exist
9:00 PMArti prayers and sharing: we will have live sharing by those in other parts of the world, where it is already July 11!

For login info, please see and click on “events.”

We are so excited to share this annual treat with you all!

Jai Meher Baba!

8 thoughts on “Silence Day Special Announcement

  1. Owrang Ajang

    Honoring Baba on silence day is the day that
    I take Time to reflect on Baba glory and grace
    by listening to my heart ❤

  2. douglas anderson

    Dear Angela and All –
    Thank you for making this day of the Beloved’s Silence so seemlessly perfect! as all our hearts can again connect across states, countries, and oceans to His Resting Home in Silence.

  3. Josh McGill

    Thanks Angela and the Babazoom team! I love Silence day and am excited to receive a quote on the day. Jai Baba!

  4. Pravin Dastgiri

    Jai Meher Baba
    Thank you dear Angela and the Team for all you Are doing, it brings us closer to each other in Baba‘s love.
    Always in his love and service 💕💕💕💕

  5. Ellen Bailey

    Thanks to Angela and all the Babazoom team. So much good work for all of us. Much appreciated.😍💕💌💟

  6. sylvie

    Merci Angela and the Team for all the loving work with Babazoom
    in Baba’s presence through his silence
    reçois my Love


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