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All of our events use the SAME login info, simply join at the right time to participate in the events you are interested in. The Calendar is below. Between events, people are welcome to stay on and chat. It’s a lot like a Virtual Meeting Hall!
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We are a platform for Baba lovers to enjoy each other’s company remembering and loving Him together! If you have an idea for a meeting, we are 100 percent supportive!

Our Virtual Hall is at your disposal – whether it be a one-time event or a series! Here is a link to Notes for Using our Virtual Hall: click here

Click on “week” to see events as a spread in order to check for availability for a new event. We can have up to fifty concurrent events in breakout rooms, so don’t worry if your favored time slot appears taken!

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Your participation is what makes this a dynamic and loving place! Welcome to the Worldwide Meher Baba Family.

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Besides our own administrative expenses, we also have a Tech Fund to help those who would love to participate but are limited by their equipment. Any extra will be seed money for other Baba service projects!

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