We are dedicated to fostering real-time events to bring Baba lovers together in loving and joyful remembrance of Him, unfettered by normal limitations of geography.

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“There will come a time when your love will bring me to your own house — your own room. There will come a time when I will be seeing my lovers not at one place, but at thousands of places at one time. It is your love that can make it possible.”
— Meher Baba, 1968, LM page 5363

Meher Baba Family – Worldwide (nicknamed “Baba Zoom”) is a newly independent organization dedicated to fostering real-time events to bring Baba lovers together in loving and joyful remembrance of Him, unfettered by normal limitations of geography. Our primary focus is on live Zoom events, but we also record many of our events and post them on Youtube. We also have a very active Facebook group. All of our resources are easily accessible through our continuously updated and user-friendly website, babazoom.net.

Our mission is simple – to create, or help you to create, meetings that celebrate or discuss Meher Baba. First started as one lone meeting in March, 2020, our virtual events have grown to about 50 Zoom meetings a week attended by hundreds of Baba lovers located throughout the world. With arti every twelve hours, and programs scheduled throughout the day, it is like never-ending virtual Sahavas! As Baba also said in 1968, “there will be darshan every day.” (LM page 5363).

Everyone is invited to join us – no exceptions! Not only are we inclusive of all humans, we are also here for all species: our meetings are also regularly attended by dogs, cats, bunnies, birds… even a turtle once!

A tour of our resources:

By far, the jewel of our offerings is the calendar of events, chock full of delightful meetings geared to warm the heart of every Baba lover. The range of meeting topics run the gamut from in-depth study to informal sharing, from celebrations of individuals to live cooking, from formal concerts to informal jams and arti sharing. As a service, we also list other organizers’ Zoom events on our calendar.

We meet so frequently, that we think of our Zoom room as kind of a virtual meeting hall, where people come together, then can chat informally with each other after the program, before others come together for the next program. This way, we have only one login link and one password for all our meetings. That information can be readily found on our website, updated once a month because the password has to be changed periodically for security.

Many of our meetings are recorded and posted on our Youtube channel. Nicknamed Baba-Tube, you can find the link to the entire channel on our website. You will also find specific playlists on that webpage that will give you countless hours of high-quality Baba programs; a good alternative to putting on the television! The “best-of” Baba playlist is periodically updated with your suggestions, so feel free to let us know about your favorite videos!

Our website also houses a self-serve Community Directory – easily accessed, instantly available to you when you sign up, and you can update your own listing at any time. If you add your city and country, you will appear as a pin on the map of our participants shown on the homepage of the website!

Ongoing Service projects:
please visit the Contribute page to see a summary of our recent and current projects!

Our Workers:
Currently, Angela Lee Chen is the overall coordinator. She handles the background work to keep things running smoothly, maintaining the accuracy of the calendar but also filling in blanks with ideas for new meetings, looking for new volunteer hosts, cajoling others to contribute wherever they can. If you want to find her, she personally attends arti every day, twice a day. She also hosts Jeff Wolverton’s Effort and Grace discussions on Sundays. She moderates and encourages inspiring posts on our Facebook page for all to savor. She handles all the video work – downloading from the Zoom cloud, uploading to Youtube and editing them. She is the tech emergency line, handling issues as they arise during live meetings and helping people get online. And she designed and maintains the website! She composes and sends out the reminders via emails and Facebook about upcoming highlight events. All in all, this is at least thirty hours of volunteer a week in support of Baba Zoom – a full-time job!

But she is far from alone. Over forty people are involved in hosting their own meetings on our platform.

And of those, there are many who volunteer as tech hosts to bring YOUR meeting ideas to life. This is a community-run and community-driven project: there’s plenty of room for you to get involved. Anything is possible when we work together!

Please contact Angela via email for more information – babazoom77@gmail.com

We are community-supported and community-driven.
By participating in our events, YOU are part owner, with Meher Baba Himself!

“Have your centres where you can gather as often as you wish, and a place or address where others who wish to find out about Me, may come or write to, but in the gathering let there be no difference between one and another, and let it be remembered always that at these meetings, it is Baba Himself who presides. In this way no one will begin to dictate, dissensions and rifts will be avoided and My message will be promoted.”

— Meher Baba

Your support makes anything possible

We are are community-supported and community-driven. Your contribution today determines what we are able to accomplish. Besides our own administrative expenses, we also have a Tech Fund to help those who would love to participate but are limited by their equipment. Other service projects may be added as we are able.

Contributions are not tax-deductible

Please consider giving generously!
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