Live Virtual Events

Join us for real-time live gatherings! We are dedicated to fostering real-time events to bring Baba lovers together in loving and joyful remembrance of Him, unfettered by normal limitations of geography. All are welcome, with no exceptions!


We record as many videos as reasonably possible, for those who cannot attend the live events, or for archival purposes. Tap this button to see our collections, and to view some of our most popular playlists – kind of like a Baba TV station!

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With your support, anything is possible

We are are community-supported and community-driven. Your contribution today determines what we are able to accomplish. Besides our own administrative expenses, we also have a Tech Fund to help those who would love to participate but are limited by their equipment. Any extra will be applied to a Baba service project.
(Contributions are not tax-deductible)

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“Real happiness lies in making others happy.”

– Meher Baba