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Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in Baba Zoom in real time, no matter where you are located! We coordinate Zoom meetings, following a calendar. Many of these meetings are recorded, and watched by thousands all over the globe. We also host a Community Directory, and a place to post news about the community, under Community Pages. We also coordinate community-participation events, such as the featured project just below. We even have some swag options in our Shop, proceeds of which support our service projects to connect the Baba community through technology. Scroll down to see an interactive map of our Directory participants. And find our contact info at the bottom of this page. Click on any menu item above (or below) to find out more!

The 2024 Silence Day Virtual Sahavas playlist!

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An interactive map of our participants!

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With your support, anything is possible

We are are community-supported and community-driven. Your contribution today determines what we are able to accomplish. Besides our own administrative expenses, we also have a Tech Fund to help those who would love to participate but are limited by their equipment. Any extra will be applied to a Baba service project.
(Contributions are not tax-deductible)

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“Real happiness lies in making others happy.”

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