Anything is possible when we work together!

We are community-supported and community-driven.
We thrive through your contribution of time, energy and financial support.

Your contribution today determines what we are able to accomplish.

Your financial contributions go towards
1. Our own administrative expenses,
2. Our Tech Fund to help those who would love to participate
but are limited by their equipment.
3. Any extra will be seed money for other Baba service projects!

Baba Zoom has very few expenses because we run entirely on volunteer labor!
* Angela puts in at least 30 hours a week in background support work.
* Over 40 hosts are involved in creating and running meetings.
* We are able to host over 50 Zoom meetings a week,
* We post 10-15 videos every week to Youtube,
* and we maintain a steady flow of good Baba energy on Facebook!

At this time, we actively seek your time, energy and creativity
in making Baba Zoom even more dynamic and vibrant!

Here are the biggest recent service projects –

  • Angela created a GoFundMe to support Pam Rubenstein in the medical care of her husband, Danny:
  • On behalf of the Baba community, Angela created a Community Chat page where news about community members could be posted. It can also be used for other topics of wide interest, such as housing needed or available for example.
  • Baba Zoom was able to support a volunteer host with a used laptop in order to be able to continue hosting.
  • Angela created a GoFundMe to support on-the-ground local initiatives to help alleviate some of the massive suffering occurring in India due to this horrifying second wave of Covid-19. Fundraising is still open, if you wish to contribute here: Emergency Fund. Click on updates to read about what projects we have supported! About $43,500 has been raised. An amazing experience to be part of this worldwide effort!
  • In February, 2021, Angela created a GoFundMe to raise money for a brand-new computer for Jeff Wolverton, and within two days, the attendees of the Effort and Grace and Late Night Chat groups privately funded the purchase. She was able to get the new computer to him within the week: in the space between one Effort and Grade discussion to the next!
  • In July 2021, Baba Family members decided to gift Vijay Bhalekar a new Chromebook with USB microphone to improve his sound, since his singing is so beautiful. Vijay, who met Baba, has been attending, and singing to Baba, during virtual arti faithfully every day, usually twice a day, for over a year!
  • Baba Zoom donations have been used to purchase a good-quality laptop for the Meheram7 team (the backbone behind the mind-blowing Trust-sponsored 3-day virtual Amartithi video project, live dhunis from Meherabad, as well as many other fabulous virtual projects). Incredible as it may seem, they were primarily using a borrowed laptop all this time, and now have to return it. Thanks to your contributions, we had the means to help them out! We have also been able to supply them with a 16-channel interface so that they can record live performances and share them with the world!
The brand-new laptop Meheram7 used to livestream the Dhuni at Meherabad on May 12, 2021

If you would like to donate functional equipment or know of someone who could use equipment, Angela is happy to connect the dots! And if you have a service project idea that needs seed money, Angela is interested in hearing about it!
Much love to all, and all praise to Beloved Baba who brings us together in His love!

Contributions are *not* tax-deductible at this time

Please consider giving generously!
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Funds will be used to benefit the worldwide Meher Baba community!