Extra update

Jai Baba!

A reminder that clocks change this Sunday 2am EST making international timing an hour earlier as of Sunday! Please watch this video for how to add the Baba Zoom calendar to your desktop in your own time zone: https://youtu.be/mcL5qQTA_zg

A special announcement: Baba-tube is live! Check it out by visiting babazoom.net and then click on baba-tube. In addition to what is there already, this weekend’s new Meher Legacy program will be featured on this page soon!Much love to all!Angela

This weekend highlight events :
Friday 10.15am EST Pratap Ahir stories
Saturday 11.30am EST Meher Jammers – live music from talented younger Baba lovers in India!
Saturday 3pm EST NEW discussion group: Baba in your Daily life – with Jeff Wolverton/breakout rooms
Sunday 11am EDT Celebrating Padri! A potluck meeting, Peter Nordeen to kick us off
Sunday 5pm EDT Effort and Grace and
10pm EDT late night chat with Jeff Wolverton

Visit babazoom.net/calendar for the full list of events for the week!

See you on Zoom!

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