An Emergency Fundraiser

Jai Meher Baba to all!

As all have been hearing, things are very hairy in India, especially in Maharashtra. We have created a GoFundMe to benefit those in need for Covid care and support… any amount raised will be used for privately funded simple care: home testing and care for those who are suffering:


Such an eventful week it has been. Only a week ago, I started a fundraiser for those suffering under the second wave of Covid in India, and it has been very successful, thanks to all of you!! As the Meher Baba Family, we have been able to help personally-known Baba lovers who are helping individuals personally. At the moment, there are three teams we are helping, located in Meherabad and Mumbai. For more updates, please visit the GoFundMe (click on updates, scroll to the bottom of the current one and click on “see older updates”).

Much love and many prayers to everyone around the world, 

In His warm embrace,


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