Highlights Week of Mar 29, 2021

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All times below in EDT. Here is an excellent time zone converter: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

The events calendar has way more excellent events than listed here… this is just the super highlights! Click on “events” to see the calendar. NEW PASSCODE April 1!

This week highlight events :
*Monday: every event on Monday is excellent – and not recorded – so come for the whole day!
*Tuesday noon Women’s Tea with Mehera
*Wednesday 7pm Mystical Poetry
NEW PASSCODE starts Thursday morning.
*Thursday, 10.30am Live Bhajans direct from India! CANCELLED
*Thursday, 7pm Tim McAllister in concert
*Friday, April 2, 5pm Bill Cliff in Concert
*Saturday April 3, 11.30am: Practical Life Awakenings of Meher Baba’s “Discourses” and “God Speaks” with Kamakoti Krishnamoorthy
*Saturday April 3, 2pm: Bob Een in Concert! Bob Een is an award-winning composer, singer, cellist and teacher. He has performed worldwide in such illustrious venues as Carnegie Hall, Disney Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Pushkin Hall, and Mandali Hall. He is happy to share his music inspired by Meher Baba.
*Sunday April 4: Celebrating Bob Brown: bring a song or story to share!

Way more events listed on our calendar! Visit babazoom.net and click on events, scroll down to the calendar of events. Watch the explainer video for how to add the calendar to your own desktop.

Saturday April 10, Celebrating Dolly Dastur
Sunday April 11: Celebrating Jane Haynes

FEATURED RECENT RECORDINGS (we have many more than listed):
Tuesday Ross Keating reads his poetry live from Sydney – internet trouble made for a difficult recording. here
Wednesday Live Home cooking with Surekha! here
Thursday Ray Spagnuolo in Concert here
Saturday Toddy Shop Jam featuring the Arti Gang! here

Looking forward to seeing you on Baba Zoom. Also, please join our new Facebook page, and subscribe to our new Youtube channel!
Jai Meher Baba!

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