Meher Advent 2024 – Day 9

Daily jigsaw puzzle (image rendered by Prasad Kora): Click Here

Daily Sketch from Barbara Schauer:

Daily Painting

“Purity Personified” by Pam Rubenstein

Daily Poem

“Irwin the Prisoner”
by Irwin Luck

I did not commit any crime.
I am not a criminal.
I am innocent.

But I am in a prison.
I am in this prison
ever since I can remember.
I was put in this prison
from the time I was born.
Not only was I in this jail
but just to insure I would not escape,
I was put into one cell
that was put into another cell
and just to make sure
that cell also was put into another.
There are these 3 cells,
one into another to cage me.

To make my imprisonment look real
and not an illusion.
Five windows were placed in me
so I could view an imaginary world.
These senses made things look so real
that I forgot I was in this prison.
I could even write about it.
I could know this.
But soon I would forget again.
Nothing changes.
There is no leaving this prison.

You may wonder who told me all this.
How do I know this?

Believe it or not.
There is a way out of this place.
In spite of the cells I am surrounded by.

There is a man on the outside who sent
me a message that he could get me out.

Then he explained about my captivity.
You are in 3 bodies, you think are cells.
A gross body to see the world with.
A subtle body of energy to move with
and a mental body to think and feel with.
From these there is no escape

He told me he caught me
in the nick of time.
He said that His ways
have no parallel to
the ways of the world

“Only the free can free others.”

So said:
Avatar Meher Baba, my Lord and Friend.

Love you always,
Irwin Luck