Meher Advent 2024 – Day 17

Daily jigsaw puzzle (image rendered by Prasad Kora): Click Here

Daily Sketch from Barbara Schauer:

Daily Painting

by David Berry

Daily Poem

by James Edney

Oh Meher,
How you swim through our lives so gracefully,
How you direct us so effortlessly,
How you turn up in the most surprising places,
How your cheeky smile catches me unawares,
And reminds me that I’m dreaming.

“Some Days”
by James Edney

Some days I glimpse the whirling joke,
Some days I see the forest and trees,
Some days I see my signature,
Upon the water, the Earth and breeze.

Some days I catch myself adrift,
Some days I hear my thoughts reflect,
Some days see beneath the veil,
And bow to you with deep respect.

Some days I wonder if it’s real,
Some days I ponder waking up,
Some days I gently row my boat,
And drink my overflowing cup.