Meher Advent 2024 – Day 16

Daily jigsaw puzzle (image rendered by Prasad Kora): Click Here

Daily Sketch from Barbara Schauer:

Daily Painting

“Holding on to His Damaan” by Tricia Migdoll

Daily Poem

“In The Bag!”
by Brandon Reeves

You accost me in the street.
You say, “put it all in the Bag!”
To accent Your point is a pink revolver
Held gently but firmly in Your hand,
Within which is loaded only bullets
Of Your love that could compel me
To welcome this wholesale robbery.
But how can I take exception to You when
I am rendered impotent by Your presence?
Under the spell of Your eyes I long only
To empty my pockets into Yours.
Would that I could give You only my best
But what is most often found on my person?
Nothing but junk and filth!
Rarely do I place a gold coin in Your hand,
The pleasure of which is bright but
Tarnished by debris and caked mud.
Still, You only smile and say, “in the bag!”
And so in the bag go I. O, Divine Beloved!
I—to my infinite chagrin—have naught
To give to You but spoiled potatoes!
“Never mind,” You say, “in the Bag!”
“Place all in My Bag…
“All in My Bag…
“All in My Bag…”
So I surrender all to You in each moment,
Trusting in Your promise that one day,
When asked, I will have to give to my
Divine Beloved nothing but garlands
Of seven pearls!