Meher Advent 2024 – Day 14

Daily jigsaw puzzle (image rendered by Prasad Kora): Click Here

Daily Sketch from Barbara Schauer:

Daily Painting

collage by Ana Von Hofmann

Daily Poem

“The Birthing Time”
by Tricia Alexander

Being a Spiritual Evolutionist,
I walk consciously every single day . . .
Following a cosmic breadcrumb trail that is uniquely mine
Longing now more than ever
to gently find MY way
Into perfect alignment – AND resonance –  with the Divine

Being a Pagan Catalyst,
I carry an Ancient Truth
in my heart
ON PURPOSE … to promote clarity, balance, sanity
Midwife . Mentor . Functional Elder . . .
gratefully, I’ll do my part
To serve this long-awaited moment:  the birth of a new humanity

Being both – AND knowing why I am here
I breathe, I encourage, I support – both the joy AND the remorse
Even during these darkest of day
and even in midst of all this fear
I will witness,
I will hold Love’s vision,
I will stay the course

Then after the rage, after the pain, after a time of quietly resting alone

Love WILL give birth to Love –
and I will be here waiting to sing you home

Tricia Alexander, Bull Valley, IL
April 5, 2023