Meher Advent 2024 – Day 11

Daily jigsaw puzzle (image rendered by Prasad Kora): Click Here

Daily Sketch from Barbara Schauer:

Daily Painting

“Baba Helping Mehera” by Angela Lee Chen

Daily Poem

“Two Prose Poems”
by Steve Klein

Most people seem to view life as a gigantic to-do list and are
intent on checking off the items as quickly as possible.

Or a type of balance sheet where they keep adding to the
assets column and watch the final total swell.

It is only Baba who takes away our pencils and gives us an
enormous eraser instead, saying, “Get busy and let me know
when you have a blank page.”


I cannot tell you what to do
I can tell you what Baba has told others to do.
I can tell you what I have done.
But I cannot tell you what you should do.
Yet, if I cared about you,
I would encourage you to keep on doing 

–from “Means What?”