Meher Advent 2024 – Day 10

Daily jigsaw puzzle (image rendered by Prasad Kora): Click Here

Daily Sketch from Barbara Schauer:

Daily Artwork

by Fereshteh Azad

Daily Poem

“Bind Me to You”
by Sharon Lia Robinson

Bind me to You
in the nooks and crannies
of my mind
in the rivers and streams
beyond time

Meher Baba, may I remember you.

like flower to earth
like star toward sun
let the desert of my heart
receive your blessing

bind me to you

my heart my hands reach out
your hidden dream
erases all illusion
like sand to sea
honey to bee
leaf and flower to tree

bind me to you.

the world makes no sense
yet you are my recompense
your wealth binds me
to the poverty of this world

Meher Baba, may I remember you.