New Life Sahavas

Myrtle Beach, Oct 15-20, 2021

organized by Angela on behalf of Baba Zoom!

Here’s a slideshow recap:

Day 1

Had about 20 people from CA, FL, NY, Myrtle Beach meet, chat, browse the bookstores! Then 12 of us went out for dinner. And then 6 of us walked next door to Oscar’s Bar for a nightcap. Got home in time for evening arti. What a love fest! So amazing to see regular Baba Zoomers, in the flesh, in living color, in 3D!!

Day 2

About 10 people came to enjoy arti together, logging in to Baba Zoom, hosted by Sailaja Nuti Dheram in New Jersey, and shared songs and poetry with the worldwide family. What a lot of joy! About 30 people came out to enjoy Irwin Luck’s talk, and another 30 or so joined us live on Baba Zoom! And what a wonderful talk he gave! The recording is here:

We had a delicious catered lunch…

Followed by an amazing concert by Larry Green, Cathy Haas Riley, Jeff Wolverton and Cliff Hackford! The recording is here:

We also had the most amazing potluck and super joyful New Life Dance party!! DJ Anna Nordeen was AWESOME!

Day 3

Arti – about eight of us logged in to Baba Zoom, arti hosted by Roshani Shenazz in Mumbai! About 20 of us gathered to listen to Mehernoush McPherson speak about Esfandiar Vesali and share Hafiz poetry. So deep, sweet and heartfelt. Recording here:

Concurrently, on Baba Zoom, we had a gathering Celebrating Naja ! Recording here:

Sahavasees had some free time in the afternoon, and then 8 of us gathered for jokes, deep belly laughs and leftovers at the Sahavas. Now, time for arti!

Day 4

Brookgreen Gardens!! Ten of us enjoyed the Gardens for free, thanks to member Sue Coggins ‘s generosity!! We were able to find the tree that Baba sat under. Very special place, I had a nice hit of Baba love!We also have a fabulous meal together, and then three of us continued after lunch with a visit to the zoo at Brookgreen, and a traveling fiber arts exhibition. The Lowcountry trail with the history of the land was well presented and very interesting.

Day 5

A quiet day of arti and then coloring Baba buttons! Most everyone was drawn to spend the day at the Meher Center.

Day 6

Arti was followed by a wonderful quote sharing with Jeff Wolverton. Ten people were in attendance, which made the sharing very intimate and deep. Recording here:

A second quote sharing was held on Zoom with Jeff… unfortunately that recording was never made! So… whoever was supposed to hear the contents of the meeting were in attendance, and the rest of us have to imagine it!

So much overflowing joy, laughter and love… a very bright and shiny event!

Jai Meher Baba!