Reading from the Nothing and the Everything

Bhau Kalchuri writes in the intro to this great book:

In May of 1967 at Guruprasad in Poona, Baba one day gestured to me, “…Now you will write  The Nothing and the Everything. This is an important book. I will give you ten percent of the Book I wrote in 1925 and 1926 [now referred to as the ‘Secret Book’].

The following month in Meherazad, while observing strict seclusion, Meher Baba instructed His night watchman Bhau to bring paper and pen to take down the points He would dictate for up to a full hour each morning over a period of about five months. Bhau would then work on those points throughout the day and present them to Meher Baba the following morning. In this way, the stories of The Mischievous Chicken, Two Kings, Adam and Eve, Ganesh, Illusion, and others were read out to and approved by Him.

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